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Please check here some articles I wrote. You will find interviews, thoughts and concrete advices on aromatherapy, botanical perfumery, and ecology.

Aromatherapy, confusion, awareness and clarity

Theory U and its application to olfactory education

Cristina’s passion for perfumes and spices

Artistic projects

Interview to a perfumer: Keshen Teo – Prosody

This blog is curated by Elena Cobez with the support of Alessandro Camoni, photographer and image curator.

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Elena Cobez is an expert in the aromatherapy field and a trainer. She works formulating products in aromatherapy and botanical perfumery and as a consultant for start ups and entreprises. As a consultant she works as a supervisor of teams, coach, and engaging clients and stakeholder in the brand development process.

Graduated in Philosophy, she loves tales and has created a project for sensorial storytelling for children using perfumes and sounds as sensorial engagement. After a deepening in the jungian perspective through courses and a personal analyses, she began to collaborate with artists using perfumes as a performance.

Alessandro Camoni: visual artist and photographer. He shoots portraits, particularly for professional portfolios in the area of theatre, fashion and entrepreneurship.
He works also documenting cultural events, dance and artistic performances. Website: www.alessandrocamoni.it

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