sounds and perfumes project

A project born with the collaboration with Maria Teresa Pallante, sound therapist.

Perfumes and sounds are vehicle of wellbeing and they touch our inner strings, our emotions. In a research project working together, me and Maria Teresa have deepened the relationship among essential oils, perfumes, sounds, music. Finding emotional and immaginative connections, we offer workshops facilitating the olfactive and sound experience of the participants.

elena cobez scent designer
Elena Cobez, photo Alessandro Camoni

The finest aromas and ancestral sounds create a multisensorial experience, helping to discover our inner voice, learning new wellness techniques, and studying the properties of essential oils and the benefits of singing bowls and shamanic drums.

Maria Teresa Pallante sound therapist
Maria Teresa Pallante, photo Alessandro Camoni

We offer:

  • workshops about perfumes and sounds, and the relationship between aromatherapy and music;
  • corporate experiences, facilitated through perfumes and sounds, expanding creativity and living a team building environment;
  • artistic performances, which involve people exploring emotional landscapes through scents and sounds.

We are based in Milano and we work in Italy and abroad.

Corsi di Aromaterapia e Profumeria botanica per te!