creativity workshop – find your creative self

If you feel stuck, tired, or simply need to find a space for yourself in which to regenerate and find out what your creative possibilities are, this path is for you.

Finding a space for yourself and unlocking your creative resources is the goal of the path.

During the meetings we will do:

grounding practices;

guided meditations that allow us to recontact our inner resources;

creative writing and sensorial practices;

sharing one’s own path and creative group exercises to stimulate individual and group resources and talents.

The practices are oriented to bring well-being and awareness of one’s emotions, to resume contact with one’s breath and to recontact creativity. Particular emphasis will be given to the use of sensoriality and creative writing as a support for the path.

The path develops in cycles of four meetings, during which personal talents and communication skills are stimulated and facilitated through specific themes.

At the end of each meeting, a practice is provided to be carried out offline in the week between the meetings.

Practical info:

The new cycle of the Creativity Lab will be soon announced.

The duration of the meetings is 1h15 minutes.

Registration will be provided for those who register and cannot attend.
Membership takes place after an individual interview.

For any detail contact us:

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