a full moon for listening

Today we have a full moon, and according to Vedic astrology this moon is in tune with a trio of stars from the constellation of Aquila (the Eagle). The nakshatra is called Shravana, and is generally translated as “listening”.

This energy speaks of listening, and of learning. A moon so open to understanding oneself and others can only be a good auspice for giving light to our needs and being available to grasp those of others. This configuration is also propitious for the vocal transmission of teachings and information, where the conversation between two people is not only an exchange of words, but an exchange of energy and meaning.

Good days … listening!

hands tree listening

P.S.: in some cultures we speak of “listening” referring to the exercise of smelling and discovering perfumes and essences. Read here an article on the Japanese tradition, which I wrote when I met one of the heirs of this oral tradition, the master Souhitsu Hachiya.

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