find your core gift!

“Your Core Gift is a unique offering that you have to share with others. It is connected to and strengthened by your life experiences—
particularly your challenges. Knowing your Core Gift means you can better share it with others, provides focus to your sense of
purpose and well-being, and guides your decision-making on your path forward. It develops throughout your lifetime, touches all
parts of your life, and becomes more impactful each time you face new challenges or give your Core Gift in service to others.”

The coaching session on your essential gift lasts two hours and allows you to explore, through a method used for twenty-five years by the Core Gift Institute in Seattle (USA), your uniqueness, your potential, what makes you unique and what you can give to others.

For this reason, the search for the Core Gift can help you to:


Gifts: They are unique. No two gifts are exactly alike.

Skills: They are not unique. Many can do it the same way.


Gift: Satisfies and creates energy when given.

Skills: No inherent satisfaction. Always drains energy.


Gifts: They are your potential, yours alone.

Skills: They are technical-practical aspects of doing something.


Gifts: are connected to a deeper purpose, there is a meaning in giving that is connected to your story.

Skills: Behaviours and techniques you use to accomplish a task.


The Core Gift session package includes:

  • a short introductory assesment test, sent via email;
  • one 90-minute session for finding your Core Gift;
  • a Jamboard with your Core Gift Statement that will be always available to you;
  • one 30-minute coaching session for reflecting upon your statement.

If the Core Gift coaching session “speaks” to you, call me on +39 338 4445212 or book a free introductory 15-minute appointment by sending an email to:

Core Gift sessions can only be given by a certified facilitator.

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