mentoring sessions

Sometimes it really gets difficult to clarify your thoughts and your path. We have many tools today and many DIY resources, but in our life we need also to talk with other people, to connect with others, and in my opinion mentoring is based on high definition conversations that can help in driving your life at its best.

I have been trained in counseling and I followed a personal junghian analysis; since then I worked with many people as a consultant, especially helping people in their professional path, working together about accountability, decision making, clarity, and feeling which are the creative options available in creating our own life experience.

You can choose half an hour sessions or 45 minutes sessions; we begin with an informal free conversation to understand if my style of coaching and experience can suits your needs and decide accordingly timings and scheduling.

In these years I realized each of us has a personal rhythm, so the sessions follow your rhythm and are at your pace.

The sessions are about keeping track of ourselves, giving us space for regenerating, and driving our life in an harmonious way – each of us has a personal harmony, and we can find yours together.

If you want to reach out for a free conversation, please contact me writing to:

I am based in Italy, CEST timezone, in Trieste.

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