The Aromatherapy Cards Game…synchronize your intuition now!

ll gioco delle Carte dell'Aromaterapia

Welcome to the Aromatherapy Cards Game!

This is a special game,  which will bring you closer to yourself … listening to a message that will arrive “synchronized” to you.


How can you play?

Relax , take a breath for a minute and cut out a space of silence, and possibly without distraction;

Be inspired , and ask a question, any question you feel right, useful and important;

Click on the image below … and a card will appear, bringing its message.

Aromatherapy cards game

You can share this opportunity to “play” with people you love, clicking below to share this page on Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus, or even if you want to using e-mail, copying and pasting the link to this page.

If you want to use this opportunity in the future for subtle synchronization with your most intuitive and deep innerself , you can save this page to your “Favorites”, because access to the Game will always be free, and new cards will be added.

I hope you tune in more and more with your deepest and most radiant inner being. Hugs!

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