The energy of creativity – Bees and pedagogy – Nina Ilić

She is a mother, a beekeeper, and a pedagogical expert who founded Eneja, the Institute for the development of empathy and creativity in Slovenia.

Nina Ilić tells us in the new episode of the Perfumed Podcast how much the relationship with bees and creativity has shaped and nourished her life.

“Yes, creativity and beekeeping have enriched my life in many ways. Creativity and learning are excellent exercises for the brain. With regular practice, the brain stays in good shape. You know, sometimes the human brain reminds me of a car battery. It charges better during operation”.

“In Slovenia it is said that beekeeping is the poetry of agriculture. And the possibility of living with a bee is felt as a privilege. It is especially felt if the whole family is involved in this activity. Beekeeping brought me closer to nature. Being among the bees and listening to the melodies of their buzz is pleasant and relaxing. And the air in the apiary is healthy for the soul and the body “.

Discover Nina’s testimony and her ideas on well-being and creativity in the new episode of the Perfumed Podcast. Listen from here!

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