the stellium jupiter, saturn and pluto, a special meeting

In these days we live a unique planetary configuration, which is repeated only in cycles of hundreds of years – the Stellium, the meeting between Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. Three great presences, which are close to each other and which activate and contain each other, creating an energetically complex scenario.

Jupiter meets Saturn. We can imagine them as two masters; the master of expansion, of expanded understanding, who meets the master of reduction, of giving structures. The two are powerful, and after all they don’t get along so well. Jupiter knows how to expand, amplify, thrust in amplitude. Saturn measures. Saturn asks for structure. Saturn is a little bored by Jupiter. And Jupiter seems to Saturn a little exalted.

But the two meet, and they are two teachers. They can’t not talk to each other, they can’t miss the opportunity. So they talk, both trying to understand the other’s point of view. They wonder what evolutionary leap they can have from this encounter. Jupiter understands that giving Saturn’s structure to his path means becoming very, very incisive, and being able to do good to many. He knows how to expand; if it receives structure, it can give itself even better. It can, in a human life, represent the meeting point between being a presence in the world and being so much for many (signs of Sagittarius and Pisces … listen).

stellium jupiter saturn pluto 2020
Solar system seen from the Earth, B. Velho, 1568, Wikicommons

But the Stellium is made up of three planets. Pluto, the occult, hides while the two great ones meet. Then he goes out. A little because its magmatic energy sooner or later makes it move, a little because the other two see him.

“Pluto, how long we haven’t seen each other.”

-Of course.-

Pluto is a difficult one. He lives at the ends of the Galaxy and from there, from his planetary hermitage, sometimes he sees nothing, sometimes he contains everything. Magmatic Pluto, whose strength is the unconscious. Sometimes he doesn’t understand himself, so much his wisdom comes from depths that one does not always want to explore. Saturn looks at him. The two are not friends; Saturn who structures, meets the master of chaotic magma. The two observe each other. They try to tell each other something, they almost never see each other. Pluto (signs of Scorpio) would like to escape, and Saturn can not stand this old sage who knows a lot but never says it.

Jupiter intervenes, turning to Pluto with his gaze full of life. Jupiter can contain plutonic magma, he can appreciate it. So Pluto starts talking, and gives his deep feelings. Saturn remains a little displaced, but understands that structuring that magmatic depth would mean creating something important and beautiful, perhaps artistic. Jupiter remains a little enchanted by the depth of Pluto and Pluto looks at Jupiter as perhaps no one has ever looked at him. Because nobody else is able to pull Pluto out, because nobody else has this amplitude and this compassion.

Jupiter wonders what he can learn from this magma he sees coming out, full of poetry and darkness. He understands that it is a form of wisdom, a wisdom with which he can confront and transform himself and grow even more. Jupiter has found a friend.

The Stellium of these days actually also meets Moon, Mars and Venus. The force of Mars, the best warrior, who meets three masters. Mars sees them slow, he would like to go, go, go. But this time he understands that here we must grow. In front of three like this, Mars has the opportunity to mature, and to see an existential horizon in its battles. Not only the vigor and pleasure of muscular action, not only the vibrant energy of life and battle. All this must have a bigger horizon, now Mars understands it (Aries and also Capricorn … listen).

The three wise men feel martial presence as invigorating, they see in him a unique vitality. They are comfortable with him, even if they must contain him, the boy is rebellious by nature and also quite aggressive. Beside him, the beautiful Venus (Taurus, and also Libra). Venus was silent to watch, a little ecstatic by the great presences of the three master planets. Jupiter appreciates it very much, Saturn would like her a little more composed, and Pluto … Pluto does not look at her because sometimes he cannot govern himself.

Venus and Jupiter are understood very well; together they have always created art and spread it around the world. Saturn accepts the opportunity to appreciate beauty and once again, to let go a little. Pluto does not look, and Venus winks. But Venus is wise this time, and understands that perhaps the beauty she brings must enter a new phase. Can her sensuality become something else? That is, can she renounce sensual attachments (Saturn), and become something bigger (Jupiter) while drawing on the magma that she loves so much (Pluto)? This remains an open question.

The Moon, lady of emotions and mind, looks at the scenery, internalizes it. In front of such greatness she feels uncomfortable, but she remains present and tries to grasp the meaning of this meeting. She looks at Earth, and thinks that she wants to give the meaning of this moment to human beings, so that they may understand something more about themselves. She records this meeting as if it were a movie, and transmits it to Earth, hoping that people will learn something from this, looking inside themselves.


The aspects indicated are significant not only for our birth sign, but also for the ascendant and planets of our birth chart. If you know these aspects, try to make an overall reflection!

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