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“With the wind, Earth comes truly alive. Winds provide the circulatory and nervous system of the planet, sharing out energy and information, distributing warmth and awareness, making something out of nothing.”

Lyall Watson

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In these days we feel the lack of space, we feel the lack of a breath, physical and subtle. Just as we feel that this spontaneous movement of our body easily contracts (even in those who are healthy today) so we perceive that our soul is confronted with something partially new.

Our soul . This word, “soul” has its etymology precisely in a movement of air, the Greek anemos, which is also spirit, vital breath. The word itself, if savored and pronounced, is like a breath. It opens with the “a”, as an inbreath; exhale with the “e”, letting go, and close with “mos” to prolong the exhale. Anemos, breath of physical and spiritual life.

It therefore becomes important, if not fundamental, to do simple breathing exercises in our daily life, and perhaps accompany them with essences that help to oxygenate and relax us, and to restore a harmonious rhythm to this so intimate and essential physical movement.

We see below some recipes to create synergies to use; let’s start with a spray.

In 30 ml of vodka we can pour:

7 drops of bitter orange petit grain essential oil (Citrus aurantium leaves)

1 drop of eucalyptus radiata essential oil (Eucaliptus radiata)

3 drops of mint essential oil (Peppermint)

This synergy widens the breath, with the beneficial oxygenating effects of eucalyptus and mint, while calm and quiet, and helps as an antistress thanks to the presence of the bitter orange petit grain.

eucaliptus globulus aromatherapy
Eucaliptus trees, photo Martin253 Wikicommons

We can also create a synergy to be used in the ultrasonic diffuser:

3 drops of orange essential oil (Citrus sinensis)

2 drops of mint essential oil (Peppermint)

3 drops of lemon essential oil (Citrus limon)

for a beneficial effect on breathing and mental clarity; this synergy cleans the environment and makes it “clear”, stimulating clarity, bringing relax and joyfulness. We could also add the Bach Crab Apple flower, useful in all cases where you want to “subtly clean up”.

All synergies refer to the diffusion in environments with people who do not have respiratory pathologies. In case of specific sensitivity, asthma etc. essential oils can be used but must be chosen by a professional.

And you, what essential oils or other remedies and practices are you using in this period? Leave a comment in the blog!

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