Hello! I’m going to tell you my story and how I got here. I am going to tell you what I see for the future, and why I think it is so important today to develop your creativity and gift … bringing your own voice and your own uniqueness into the world.
I want to tell you about my today, more than my past: because today, even for you it can be a turning point.

I am an aromatherapist and a life/creativity coach. I support people who are stuck and would like to find orientation, creativity and meaning.


The first contact with the world of herbs I had was around 15-16 years old when I bought the first herbalist text to help my mom. From there I never stopped.

I have gone through many years of loneliness and pain – I lost my parents when I was twenty years old, I was studying at the university and I didn’t know how to move around the world. Then life brought me Ayurveda … aromatherapy … and I felt that something was calling me, something that would have made me feel so much better. Maybe that’s what’s calling you reading me today.

Aromatherapy has been love at first sight, which has led me over the years to develop an entire method on olfactory education as a way of personal growth.

Attending a training in counseling and a philosophical path of Jungian analysis has allowed me to welcome my sensitivity and my way of feeling, and make it a “tool” of clarity for my personal and professional choices. I have also been trained as a Core Gift Facilitator and a Transformational Life Coach.


The pandemic that broke out in February 2020 marked a turning point for me. I used to work in presence with adults and children; I found myself only able to work online and without scents (at first). Thus I began a long process of revising both my work and my tools.

Thanks to the collaboration with some colleagues I was able to continue, even if in a different way, the work of facilitation through scents and aromas. At the same time, I chose to deepen my coaching, finding a coach-mentor, following some training/upgrading courses, and working exclusively online with individual or small group sessions, in Italian and English.


I conveyed these experiences in creating the Archipelagos Project, a coaching and anthropological project using islands as metaphors for an inner journey toward meaning and purpose.

I also offer Core Gift Discovery sessions. In the sessions we’ll find a Core Gift Statement, in which you’ll discover your unique attitudes, what drives your life and its meaning. This process is a great opportunity to gain orientation and motivation.

  • You can write to me and contact me simply by leaving a comment on the blog, or by writing an email to professionfeliceATgmail.com (instead of AT the snail @ must be inserted) or by calling 338 4445212;

Talk to you soon!

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Aromatherapy and life/creativity coaching