energy and wellness using spices

Ancient medicines can help us by giving us hints for our well-being; in particular, the use of spices (not only essential oils, but also dried kitchen spices) can give us energy and that warmth and sense of well-being that is so easy to lose.

ginger essential oil olio essenziale

One of the essences – and spices – that I prefer is Ginger (Zingiber officinale) which has ideal heating and digestive qualities for those who live moments or periods dominated by the element Aria (i.e. Ayurvedically speaking, dominated by Vata) in which thinking, moving, reading, thinking are in fact excessive. We never forget that our mind is part of our body, and therefore has limits of load and functionality. In a nutshell, we can study as many things as we want, we can overload ourselves with commitments, but sooner or later the body gets tired, because the body experiences a natural evolution that – fortunately – we cannot modify and that ancient medicines teach us to listen and facilitate.

Our ginger can help both taken in herbal tea, eaten candied (good!) And as essential oil. If we have the essence, let’s not forget that we can have a nice foot bath by pouring 2-3 drops of ginger essential oil into a spoonful of coarse salt and then pouring everything into the warm-hot water. Ginger also has balsamic properties … so if it’s cold and / or we feel cold it should be good for us!

A “companion” to increase the heat can be Cinnamon, in the case of the essential oil Ceylon cinnamon leaves (Cinnamonum zeylanicum), which is intensely hot, a drop will always be enough in the salt and then in the water to warm the feet and by reflex the whole body. These wellness ritual practices are particularly suitable for those who always have a lot to do and can never stop.

If instead we feel weighed down and we need an Air element, that is, we feel we are too firm or “heavy”, we could consider the essential oil of Litsea citrata (also Litsea cubeba) which is “a ray of light to be turned on” by spreading 4-5 drops in the environment (it may be even less enough) to feel an atmosphere of relief, hope, luminance. Definitely recommended for those who feel the presence of internal … and external “mists”! Cinnamon could also be a valid ally in diffusion, as this spice with its heat can give energy and revitalize when we feel we need a “refill”.

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