essential oils for nurturing our heart chakra

Fragrances and essential oils can inspire, nourish and support us in choosing our life direction and well-being. Some of them are particularly good for nourishing our heart chakra. If at times we feel a sense of emptiness, anxiety, and difficulty, these essences will be able to support us – clearly, it is best to choose them if possible by smelling them first, to see if they resonate with us.

rosa damascena essential oil

The essential oil of Rosa damascena (and also its hydrosol!) should be considered at first. This intense, regenerating and activating essential oil can give us energy and fullness if we use it in the simplest way, i.e. pouring a drop onto a little bit of vegetable oil or cream and spreading it on our chest. Particularly suitable when we have a general feeling of lack of energy and motivation. From this point of view, for those who like Bach flowers, it might be useful to combine it with Wild Rose, a remedy that helps to regain presence, motivation and energy to face daily events.

Another mood and heart chakra support is Cinnamon (Cinnamonum zeylanicum), which is available in aromatherapy in both bark and leaf extracts. Leaf extraction is generally preferred because it is less aggressive – having said that, we can also use it in a herbal tea blend, choosing from the many available options. A rose and cinnamon herbal tea (you can also make it yourself by buying the dry petals and cinnamon from the herbalist’s shop) is an excellent general and mood tonic. Adding a pinch of cinnamon to our kitchen preparations can be a way of assimilating this bark which can do so much to sustain us, give us energy and radiance. In Ayurveda, it is considered a pacifier of Vata and Kapha, while stimulating Pitta.

Apparently simple, but rich in suggestions for our well-being is also the essential oil of Sweet Orange, together with that of Mandarin. These two essences restore light and help us to regain lightness and a smile. Their radiance nourishes the heart chakra and our soul. Particularly suitable when the feeling is that of a lack of light. Remember also that a Bach flower, Sweet Chestnut (Castanea sativa), is indicated by Bach himself as a support when the perception is that there is no more inner light.

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