free your creativity using botanical perfumes!

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Creativity is a natural quality that we all have available, but which we often draw on without being aware of it. How can we get back in touch with this part of ourselves?

Working with aromas and other creative forms, such as writing and photography, I have often felt both the sensation of “flow” and that of “stasis”, when, so to speak, “nothing really comes out”. Sometimes it takes very little to reactivate our creative capacity: even a piece of music that we like can activate us, and sensory suggestions in general and perfumed ones, in particular, can do a lot.

We can say that creativity, in its lightest and most fluid aspect, needs to let go, relax and “imagine differently”; we need to allow ourselves experiences in which we live something different from usual, and we use our intuitive intelligence, following an internal flow.

gelsomino aromaterapia profumi creatività
[photo author:Christer T Johansson]

To try to open ourselves to new possibilities, a useful essence could be Ylang-ylang. It is an essence that leads us towards sensuality and fluidity allowing ourselves to melt control and rigidity.

To imagine, closing your eyes, and indulging in a freer dimension, even Jasmine absolute could be an excellent idea. This fragrance with nocturnal tones improves mood and frees you from constraints.

We could make a spray with these two essences, and maybe add Rock water (Bach remedy), to dissolve precisely those inner rigidities that somehow do not allow us to draw on what we already have inside ourselves. In a 30 ml spray with 95 degrees food alcohol or vodka, we can pour 5 drops of Jasmine and 3 drops of Ylang, completing this synergy with 5 drops of Sweet Orange. If we want, we also add 5 drops of Rock water, and use it both in the environment and as a personal perfume (the quantities of essences are only indicative and can be varied).

Another possibility is to use Ylang adding the essential oils of Grapefruit and Bergamot. In this way we will have a citrus-scented suggestion, which will accompany the essence of Ylang, creating a pleasant synergy for our mood, as well as for our creativity!

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