gain stability and relaxation using ho wood essential oil

[Versione dell’articolo in italiano – Relax e stabilità con l’olio essenziale di Legno di Ho]

Sometimes we feel the need to recover physical and mental energy, so we can consider spreading the essential oil of Ho wood (C. camphora ct linalool) into the environment.

The tree is native to China, the island of Formosa and Japan; the essential oil is traditionally extracted from wood, but the extraction from the leaves has also been tested, which is less destructive for trees.

Commonly called the camphor tree, it reaches a height of thirty meters or more, and is a tree that can be long-lived.

Its scent contains notes of rose, wood, and the presence of linalool is clearly perceived, which can also make up 90% of the composition of the essential oil. Partially relaxing, it is soothing for the breath. It has a general tonic action, and this makes it an ideal essence to use when you need both to find a feeling of well-being and to recover mindfulness and tone.

albero canfora legno di ho
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Its stable, dense and enveloping energy can be supportive for people who feel certain inner insecurity, who find it difficult to choose, or who live in anxious states because they are in a moment of life in which not everything is yet defined. Daily meditation can be done by pouring a drop of Ho Wood essential oil into a diffuser and allowing yourself a few minutes to smell its nuances. A small daily ritual, which will allow us to do a sensorial meditation.

Practiced a few minutes every day, for at least a week, it will benefit our emotions, and will allow us to focus more on ourselves, especially if we have to follow many things and we feel a little lost and without energy.

For a particularly nourishing effect on the emotional heart, Ho wood can be combined with Rose (Rosa damascena) obtaining a rich, round, full scent that can hearten in moments of despair. Particularly suitable also for people who feel the need to find a space for themselves and nourish it.

For those who want the sensation of grounding, but with a relaxing floral note, why not try combining the essence of Ho Wood with the essential oil of true Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia). The lavender essence will give the synergy a floral and fruity aspect and you will relax, finding tone and well-being. Give it a try!

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