hydrosols and application of the teachings of Masaru Emoto to aromatherapy

Masaru Emoto’s work can make us better understand the value of the use of hydrosols in aromatherapy. Water is a fundamental part of the constitution of the human being, and also of the Earth.

Let’s see what are the subtle qualities of water, and its functions for us humans on a vibrational level; this is also reflected in the use of hydrosols, which are currently rather unrecognized.

Water is a “bearer” of information, and it brings it into our body and the world. The famous photographs taken by Emoto of the water crystals allowed everyone to see what happens on a subtle level when a substance is used and thought with love or with contempt.

Water is sensitive to sounds, music, words, intentions; to the expressions of our consciousness. For our body, water is a fundamental element, and through it we purify and eliminate many toxins. The purification and elimination functions are also fundamental because they allow us to continuously eliminate what we no longer need, continually renewing ourselves.

This hydration and renewal effect can also be obtained by using hydrosols and sometimes adding hydrosols to the water we drink, choosing which ones to use.

idrolati acque aromatiche

For example:

Rosa damascena hydrosol can be used by pouring a teaspoon of it into coffee to flavor it; or when we need heart nourishment, we can pour a teaspoon of rose hydrosol into a glass of water, and benefit from its ability to “cheer up” and give courage.

Roman Chamomile hydrosol, which is useful as a relaxant and in periods when we feel restless – a teaspoon of hydrosol in a glass of water, once a day can help.

Peppermint hydrosol can be added to the water in summer, to feel a sensation of freshness, and when we need to find clarity. It can also be used as a digestive (always a teaspoon of hydrosol in a glass of water).

Basil hydrosol (Ocimum basilicum ct linalool) can be used in moments of lack of clarity and inability to digest emotions, always a teaspoon of hydrosol in a glass of water.

If we resonate with the teachings of Emoto, we will take particular care of the thoughts and intentions during the preparation of our drink; and expressing an intention of well-being can give a “vibrational imprint” to our preparation.

acque profumate e profumi botanici

You can use hydrosols also putting them in recipes for the creation of personal and ambient perfumes.

Perfumes always have an aqueous part, in different percentages. This part can be a hydrosol, to accentuate some olfactory and vibrational nuances (see for example rose hydrosol). In this way, the olfactory synergy created will be given by both essential oils and the subtle nuance of the hydrolat used. I like to experiment in this sense, and in particular, rose hydrosol has so far given me great satisfaction. 🙂

So even in creams, where the aqueous phase is important, I use hydrosols to give “more” to the creams I make. Rose hydrosol, but also, for example, myrtle hydrosol give the face creams an extra touch, and you can feel all the vitality, strength, and subtle benefit of the plants from which they come.

If you love cooking, an infinite series of possibilities of use of hydrosols are opened, which in particular in pastry can help you create delicious sweets and the awareness that thoughts and words change the quality of the substances we use, can make us more aware of what we create, and how much we can affect what surrounds us.

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