orientation and creativity coaching

Recovering energy, finding new resources and discovering an original approach to your path: coaching on orientation and creativity helps you to find your personal path, in a concrete and original way.
The coaching tools used are games, guided visualisations, storytelling and sensorial techniques – all of which are combined to create an organic process that will enable you to find new ideas and solutions for your path.

core gift coaching

The foundations of this new approach are:

Creativity: creativity is the ability to find solutions and resources in a new and innovative way; it is the ability to go beyond one’s own limiting schemes, to grasp new perspectives and find new ways forward.

Narrative intelligence: telling and listening to stories is one of the most ancestral ways we have of nurturing ourselves and being inspired.
Storytelling is also about bringing together different events to build a path of meaning: in this way we give meaning to our journey and understand what the next steps might be.

Sensory: the five senses are our window on the world: by refining perception, by bringing sensory attention to the experiences we live, we can experience a dimension of discovery and wonder even as adults.

The combination of all these elements represents an innovative way of awakening one’s inner resources. During the meetings, participants experience a dimension of discovery that gives energy, curiosity, new perspectives, in a spontaneous and immediate way.


Coaching is available in two-day retreats, one-day workshops or individual sessions.

For individual sessions, it is possible to have a session on finding one’s own Core Gift, a method developed in the United States by Bruce Anderson.

Two testimonials on the coaching work:

You are an incredible coach and guide! You have given me a gift that has transformed me. I cannot thank you enough.

The course made me discover interesting things about myself; it boosted my self-esteem a bit and gave me a bit of a boost. All this with a lot of simplicity, playfulness and sweetness. With gratitude, Catherine


For all the details contact me by writing to professionefeliceATgmail.com

It is possible to book an informal introductory interview in Milan and Trieste; all courses are available in person and online.

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