perfumes for a path in the feminine

Know your masculine,
but stick to your feminine
and become the torrent of the world.

[Tao te ching]

I dedicate this post to the women, on the occasion of Women’s Day, but I will be addressing the inner aspect of the female, therefore also this post is dedicated to men.🙂

Feminine is a part of us that runs on non-linear paths: her creative ability is due precisely to contact with deep parts of us, which often blow up many of our programs. That is, the feminine relates to creativity, with the unexpected, and with a form of harmony that does not correspond to schematisms. Being feminine is often difficult for those looking for schematics and control, while it is very easy for those who know how to abandon themselves to intuition. And we are much more intuitive than we believe. I recently asked people during a group that I facilitated, how they had chosen to be part of that group. Aside from some more rational considerations, most people simply admitted that they had registered intuitively. Because they “felt” that they would feel well.

In this movement, some essential oils can help us rediscover our instinctual and intuitive nature, the one that “down there, somewhere” knows what is good for us. And it moves towards.

ylang ylang cananga odorata olio essenziale
Author: Damien Boilley

Ylang ylang (Cananga odorata): intense essence, when its pervasiveness and sweetness is released, we can love it only if we want to perceive something engaging and in some ways that makes us forget ourselves. Ylang takes us towards pleasure, sensuality, joy of the senses and letting go. It is a feminine essence, and the flower grows well in tropical areas, bringing a fullness that is in some ways opulent.

Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia): lavender expresses a feminine in some ways more austere. Traditionally associated with the mystical figure of the Madonna, she brings a peaceful female who knows how to resolve conflicts, who gives back breath, who cleans. A feminine in some ways more familiar to us, and which in our memories is often associated with perfumes used by mothers and / or grandmothers, or by perfumed bags for linen. Lavender for us often speaks of a feminine everyday life, of serenity and cleanliness of domestic environments. The lavender that grows on the highlands returns a feeling of peace and vision.

Mint (Peppermint): its fragrance is lively, pulsating, intense and volatile. The myth of the nymph Mentha is now well known; she was reduced to a plant due to its relationship with Hades (Persephone became Hades’ wife in her place). The nymph was transformed into a plant, which, although small, was given an intense and diffusive perfume. It is a feminine and lively essence, creative and “that goes everywhere”, therefore suitable when we want to get out of our borders, in short, to allow us a creativity beyond habits, without worries, and more fun.

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