perfumes of love

Above all, I will bring you silence and patience
Together we will travel the paths that lead to the essence
The scents of love will inebriate our bodies …

[Battiato, The Cure]

I dedicate this post to all people in love, to all those who have experienced that invincible attraction for a person, once they have met him/her. I also dedicate it to those who, when they met him/her, felt a repulsive force as strong as that which attracted them. Often love is showed in its bright side: but I believe it is shown by reality, that when we meet someone to love deeply, the deepest sensation we can feel is the desire to escape.

In the dynamic of belonging and resistance, in that fruitful dialogue of yes and no that coexist within us, we find our balance, we define what we are. All this can take years – many years, because the depth of the relationship brings into play every possible inner element.

The fullness of the meeting keeps united, where the personalities sometimes contrast, do not understand each other, separate. But if the meeting has a substantial fullness at its basis, then it can resist. It can be loved by the community (here is perhaps the deeper meaning of marriage) and loved in the spirit, that is, it can have a meaningful role in the world.

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Let’s see what essential oils can make Valentine’s Day more fragrant, and actually any other day of the year that we want to dedicate to this special affection.

We could use a diffusion synergy, for example:

Ylang ylang 3 drops

Patchouli 2 drops

Benzoin a drop

A sensual synergy, which can give well-being and relaxation, with oriental hints that bring inspirations from distant travels.

Versione italiana dell’articolo – Profumi d’amore

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