Rosemary essential oil for personal energy boost

To gain our energy back we have an essential oil obtained from a plant we know well – rosemary. This vigorous aromatic that grows almost everywhere with a proud and slightly martial attitude (even if its places of choice are near the sea, and it is typical of the Mediterranean region), brings us qualities that we may really need.

Rosemary gives vigour, energy, tone; it may be the right essential oil to use in foot baths, or simple self-massage on the feet using jojoba oil and a couple of drops of the essence. The vigour given by this plant not only speaks of tone and energy but also of space. Its balsamic power (especially in the cineole chemotype) will widen our breath and join the general well-being that this essence can give.

We often underestimate the plants that we have with us every day, for example in the kitchen. Aromatic plants all have interesting qualities. In the case of rosemary, the plant helps digestion, strengthens the stomach, activates blood circulation.

rosmarinus officinalis essential oil olio essenziale

Recall that this plant was used as incense in Greek and Roman cultures, and was subsequently considered a purifier against epidemics. Its transversal use is always confirmed by tradition, as the Water of the Queen of Hungary, a beauty remedy, was precisely an extraction of rosemary.

So what can our rosemary give us ? Certainly strength, energy, ability to concentrate, and the right amount of presence to ourselves.

On an inner and psychic level, it is an essence that strengthens, helps in attention, focuses. If we feel a little disoriented, rosemary is for us.

The practical uses are:

in the aroma diffuser, 3 drops to perfume the rooms, and if you want to extend this practice to house cleaning, in the detergent of the floors, a few added drops can give both a purifying/antiseptic function and perfume home.

If we like this essential oil and it makes us feel good, foot baths (3 drops of essential oil in a spoonful of coarse salt, poured into warm warm water) are an excellent practice.

To make it “portable” with us always, you can buy a roll-on bottle, pour jojoba oil to which we will add 10 drops of rosemary (the roll-ons are 10-15 ml in general). We can use this roll-on as needed on a paper towel in order to always have this essence to smell with us.

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