sea fennel scent – discovering the chritmum maritimum

[Profumo di Chritmum maritimum, il Finocchio marino – qui trovi la traduzione in italiano]

Crithmum maritimum, commonly called sea fennel, is a perennial plant that has fleshy-looking leaves and flowers. It is a plant that is easily found among the rocks by the sea, where it proliferates quietly and where probably no one would think there could be a spice that is pleasing to the palate and nose.

The essential oil is extracted from the flowering tops, and has a spicy, pungent olfactory profile, with citrine notes, which may be reminiscent of certain varieties of pepper and in some respects also of wild fennel.

Chritmum maritimum
Chritmum maritimum

The most common way of using the Chritmum plant is in dishes, as a seasoning and spice, because it brings not only a spicy note, but also a salty, marine note that goes well with various fish dishes.

The essential oil, on the other hand, which is quite rare but can be found online, can be interesting in synergy with rosemary and myrtle to create a balsamic and somewhat unusual diffuser blend.

You can also use it in creams and anti-cellulite preparations by adding a few drops (0.5 of the preparation), mixed with Lemon essential oil and Cypress essential oil.

In emotional aromatherapy, Sea Fennel can help “digest” indigestible emotions, bringing an effect of balance and greater mental presence.

This somewhat little-known but actually very common plant can give that stimulating, spicy touch to your environmental synergies as well as to body and face creams, in which it has an anti-cellulite and firming effect.

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