the power of savory

Let’s meet a strong and intense plant: Savory. It is a perennial, strongly aromatic plant, which loves stony and sunny places. Dedicated by the Greeks to Dionysus, the etymology of its name derives from “satyr”. In short, there are all the conditions for a plant that does not go unnoticed in its effects.

The essential oil, whether it comes from Satureja hortensis or Satureja montana, is irritating, with antibacterial, antiviral, immunostimulating properties. It is also a general stimulant tonic.

satureja montana hortensis santoreggia

From an emotional and energetic point of view, Savory – and here I recommend smelling the plant itself, fresh or dry, rather than the essential oil which is very irritating – can stimulate us in case of general fatigue. It is a plant that lifts and gives a real boost. In short, useful all those times that we would like to have an energy that we do not have.

Useful as a “motivator”, after a stressful period or in the convalescence phase. Also to be used as an aromatic for our dishes: ingesting it in small doses helps to assimilate the active ingredients.

It contains a “fiery” force that may seem extreme, so it can be recommended if we like strong condiments or if we feel the need for a good boost of energy (it compensates, in Ayurvedic terms, the Kapha and intensely feeds Pitta).

You can also do a footbath with Savory, extracting a sprig of the plant as an infusion and then pouring the water obtained into the footbath. It could irritate the skin: don’t stay immersed for too long. This practice can be used as we said as an emotional and energetic stimulant: remember that in the winter season it will be useful for those who normally have cold hands and feet.

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