when the new moon met uranus in aries

She had turned around. She watched the Sun in ecstasy, turning her back on the Earth. The Earth, bewildered, wondered why. She felt a little abandoned by the Moon, her longtime friend. But this time the Moon seemed truly kidnapped by the Sun, and there was nothing to do. So the Earth folded in on itself, silent. She sighed, and than from a distance she heard a call.

It was a distant call. It came with an echo, as if that voice came from distances difficult to measure. But she heard it. The Earth looked around, looked for the origin of that voice. And down there, far away, she recognized him. The planet Uranus was addressing itself to her, and he seemed to be talking to the Moon too. He also seemed to have some small discussions with the Sun. In short, Uranus had something to say to everyone.

Uranus, the force of Heaven, innovative force and inspirer of substantial and often subtle changes, while walking in Aries, realized that both the Sun and the Moon were walking nearby. Not only that, but the Moon at that moment seemed so kidnapped by the Sun. “This is not right,” thought Uranus. So he started addressing the Moon, and he said “Your kidnapping should be good for something, right?”. The Moon was startled, she was so absorbed by the sight of the Sun. “Okay, okay …” she replied. The Sun preferred not to intervene, he was already burning enough.

planet earth uranus new moon

Uranus then turned to the Earth. Earth looked at him, and the oceans moved a little, as if her cheeks flushed. She felt small, she wasn’t sure how to behave.

This so distant, so aware, so powerful planet had always a little baffled her. She perceived his strength, the ability to change and regenerate the more subtle aspects of herself. Mercury, when he met him, had a great time. But for her, it was not so simple.

Uranus said to his daughter Venus – “Venus, take care of her, understood?” A stronger twinkle came from the sky, and the planet Venus showed up like never before. “Okay, father, I will.” Earth sighed with relief, Uranus was far too much for her. Venus, from the constellation of Taurus, caressed the Earth. She said to her, “Trust yourself, breathe. Take care of yourself. Don’t worry, the Moon will soon come back to you and she will tell you what she saw in the gaze of the Sun “. The branches of the forests moved: pines, firs, all the conifers emitted a long breath perfumed with resin.

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