the formulation of aromatherapy line alkira

I met Vicky during an aromatherapy meeting, and from there a collaboration was born for the formulation of the Alkira line. Vividus is a company specialized in the formulation of products with Tea tree, and so also the Purify line is inspired by this essential oil, which is available in several versions.

vividus purify aromatherapy product

From the Vividus company website: “The Alkira Purify line offers a selection of blends of essential oils based on” Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil “certified to flavor and purify the rooms. From the first to the last drop, thanks to the exclusive violet glass of the bottles that protects from light and preserves the effectiveness of essential oils. In more delightfully sensorial variants, the mix of Alkira Purify essential oils give off pure well-being “.

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