the formulation of memento, non alcoholic drink

I met Eugenio Muraro at the beginning of his entrepreneurial project. Eugenio wanted to propose an innovative drink, made up exclusively of selected aromatic waters.

So a collaboration began, and I took care of the formulations of both the first Memento drink and the Memento green. In both cases the formula was co-created with Eugenio, to respect the needs of his brand and his vision.

Memento’s idea: transforming the benefits of tradition into contemporary pleasures.
From the centuries-old knowledge handed down in the Florentine recipe book published in 1498 by the Order of Doctors and Apothecaries, botanical essences come together in a unique combination, a déjà-vu of well-being and happiness.
The vertical elements of the label recall the five senses and allow us to look beyond, we discover a landscape, almost a memory, MeMento.

memento drink elena cobez

Aromatherapy and life/creativity coaching