limange perfume for la selva, positano

botanical perfume limange positano milano
The lemon trees waited for our hands to pick their sweet fruits. The fragrance was mixed with that of mandarins and other citrus fruits; the leaves moved through a light sea breeze. We sat down to talk in the garden, to remember trips to distant places, where long caravans still carry incense resin. As the memories flowed, a woman arrived carrying a basket full of flowers, including small white jasmines. We did not resist the temptation to touch them, to feel the silky consistency of the petals. We looked at each other and immediately a name came to mind, "Citrus flight" ...

"Citrus Flight" Limange was born, a botanical perfume that I co-created with Martha Rubino from "La Selva" from Positano.

Martha tells ...

“We were with Elena alla Selva sitting at sunset on one of the terraces where the citrus groves are strong presences, ancient trees that have known many families before us in a constant exchange of care and gifts offered.

It was that time when the light turns red and deep pink and the sun's rays makes a suggestive play of lights and shadows.

Everything at that moment was an invitation to reach those ripe fruits, to pick them up, to sink with their eyes closed in their sweet perfume.

So sitting in the golden grass with lemons and mandarins we looked at the sea of ​​Positano in front of us imagining caravans and sailing ships that traveled the ancient incense road, 2400 kilometers, a journey through mountains, deserts and seas, a route where many cultures and religions came into contact..."

The lightness of citrus fruits, lemon and mandarin are combined with the freshness of petit grain and the sensuality of jasmine. The essence of incense gives the perfume depth and inspiration. A flight to your well-being, accompanied by Mediterranean notes and oriental suggestions.

Practical info:
 The botanical perfume Limange is available in the bottle with a wooden stopper at the price of 22 euros, contact me for every detail at and visit

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