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writing with perfumes

Please check here some articles I wrote. You will find interviews, thoughts and concrete advices on aromatherapy, botanical perfumery, and ecology.

Aromatherapy, confusion, awareness and clarity

Theory U and its application to olfactory education

Cristina’s passion for perfumes and spices

Artistic projects

Limange perfume, created for La Selva, Positano

Perfumes of love

Detox using aromatherapy

Services and workshops :

  • botanical perfumery workshops and experiences, for practicing botanical perfumery, living your creativity and using high quality raw materials;
  • creativity coaching in groups and individual sessions;
  • botanical perfumery and aromatherapy consulting – formulation of products, brand identity and communication analysis and development;
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Elena Cobez is an expert in the aromatherapy field and a creativity coach.

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Aromatherapy and life/creativity coaching