finding your inner strength back – the omumbiri resin

[Versione italiana dell’articolo – Ritrovare la forza interiore – La resina Omumbiri]

The Himba people live in Namibia, in the north-west, in the Kunene region. Sono luoghi nei quali persone e piante devono convivere con una grande aridità.One of the local plants that gives a resin with a deep and interesting fragrance is called Commiphora wildii, or Omumbiri.

Photo: Yves Picq

Although there are local projects to collect and distill Omumbiri and other plants, it is easier to find the raw resin, which can be easily appreciated by using it in fumigation

It is usually women who collect and use Omumbiri. The resin is mixed with animal fat and red ochre earth to form a paste that is applied to the skin. This preparation protects the skin, regenerates it and heals.

The resin has a pungent, fresh, almost intoxicating scent, combined with a deep, calming note that helps us stay centred and grounded. It is an ideal scent when we need both an inspiring force and a fragrance that helps us to be present in the here and now, restoring our breath and supporting us to find our inner strength.

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