reactivate your energies using aromatherapy!

[Versione in italiano – Riattiva le tue energie usando l’aromaterapia!]

Sometimes we feel tired and unmotivated, sometimes the situations we live in are not at all easy to manage. In this last year, we have experienced it…

Let’s not forget the benefits that the use of essential oils (and other natural remedies) can give us. In particular, essential oils and their synergies can help us feel better, cultivate an inner well-being that gives us strength and creative energy.

The creativity of our inner life is essential in both bright and dark periods. There is a source within us that can help us finding solutions – or even new ways – when we least expect it. But you need to know that it exists and you need to know how to draw on this aspect of us. This can be done in many ways – today let’s see which essential oils can help us.

For example, Grapefruit essential oil. Fresh smell, bitter and citrus notes, lively and sparkling gives a sprint to the soul, reminding us that lightness is not superficiality. and that feeling sparkling does not require a sense of guilt. Grapefruit will help us improve our mood.

Corso di Aromaterapia emozionale olistica a Pancalieri (Torino)
Pancalieri mint, by Essenzialmenta brand

We cannot forget the essential oil of Mint (Mentha piperita), which awakens the dormant conscience or simply frees from mental fatigue and numbness. One of my favourites is the variety grown and distilled in Pancalieri (TO) but it is also worth doing personal research on which mint we feel most in resonance with ourselves.

Those who feel outbursts of anger and are unable to channel their forces well can try the essential oil of Ylang Ylang. This dense and sweet-scented flower calms the soul and helps to find the way to an emotional balance. To be taken into consideration when we tend to get angry very easily. An essential oil that can also help those who want to keep everything under control but dream of a free beach and the sea underneath.

Aromatherapy and life/creativity coaching